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Bad Grammar FAQ

Bad Grammar FAQ

What is Bad Grammar?

Bad Grammar is an online showcase for new fiction of all kinds. There are many other sites on the web with goals similar to this, but most if not all of them suffer from at least one of two major problems regarding the material they will accept: genre restrictions, or extremely low standards. The only factor that decides what Bad Grammar will or will not accept is quality. By adhering to this standard, Bad Grammar hopes to be able to present readers with stories unlike anything they've read before.

How do I submit something to Bad Grammar?

Mail in your material to one of the addresses listed on our Contact page. If its good, well talk.

My work is violent, sexually explicit, features strong language, or is provocative in some other way. Will Bad Grammar accept it?

Bad Grammar is intended for mature readers. If the material is good, then well accept it.

Why is everything on Bad Grammar by the same author?

All right, sherlock, you got me. The reason everything that Bad Grammar currently offers is by the same author is because that author is the one whos started the site. With any luck the selection here will get a little more diverse over time.

I have a question not listed here, or I want to contact Bad Grammar for some other reason.

Click here for contact information.


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