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Tetanus Acres

Tetanus Acres

By Brendan Detzner



Louie didn't finish his first step before Mary knocked him to the ground. His right wrist was cut, and he bled all over the road. He was still holding his drink in his left hand. He hadn't spilled a drop.

Mary put her knife away and walked towards him. Louie threw his cup at her. She stepped out of the way, but the liquid inside splashed out of the cup onto her clothes.

Louie cupped his left hand over his right wrist, got up, and backed away. Mary had never killed anybody without Red's permission before, so she let him go. He talked while he walked.

"Better turn back now, Mary. They like that smell out here. Run away, Mary."

She took a look at the stain on her clothes. She smelled it. Smelled like blood. She checked her watch. She had an hour and a half to go. She kept walking.


The dogs came out of every building, from every direction. They all came out at about the same time, within the space of a few seconds. They were big and sloppy, with dark red gums and yellow teeth. On average, they were about four feet tall. She had no time to count them- before she could think, they were all around her.

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