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General Interest Links

These are links that readers interested in Bad Grammar might also find interesting.

Great New Artists: Poetry and Prose Billboard

A collection of links leading to a wide variety of unpublished work.

Dogged Drama

A free listing service for artists of all stripes, including writers.


Free-Fiction is a collection of totally free E-books. A good choice for readers who don't want to get gouged and authors who are interested in a unique publishing option.

Feral House Publishing

Publisher of fascinating non-fiction nobody else will touch.

Outsider Ink

An excellent online literary magazine. Short prose and poetry.

3 A.M. Magazine

Short fiction, essays, interviews, and reviews of literature, music, and everything else under the sun, all of it great stuff.

Author's Links

A place for our authors to show our readers to their own sites, worthy causes, sources of inspiration, or basically anything else.

Brendan Detzner

BD's Authors Den Home Page

Features a message board and the only photograph of myself available anywhere online.

Eight Fold

Wonderful rock band that's been kind enough to pass out fliers for this web site at their shows. The fact that I share a last name with the guitarist might have something to do with this.

Roy G Biv

Another wonderful rock band, this one hailing from the hallowed ground of the western Chicago suburbs. The drummer lived down the street from me during our formative years.

Rubel and Detzner Studio

Home to the work of Sasha Rubel and Dick Detzner, Chicago artists who happen to be my aunt and uncle. Paintings on display in electronic form include: the Greta series (Sasha's), the Corporate Sacrilege series (Dick's), and countless other masterpieces.

Stomp Tokyo

Film review site specializing in the awful and obscure. The single greatest source of good wallpaper pictures anywhere on the web.

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