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We're actively looking for self-publishing authors who are interested in participating in Bad Grammar. We're also looking for authors with great stuff who have not yet self-published, but who we can help through the process.

The most important factor that determines whether or not we're interested in having an author in the site is how good their work is. Filling the site with excellent material is our first priority. We're especially interested in work that doesn't fit into a niche carved out by other sites. If other sites, publications, publishing companies frequently reject your work not because of it's quality but because it doesn't fit into a category, we'd love to see it.

If you submit something to Bad Grammar, be sure you realize what you're getting into. This is not a publishing company, this is a cooperative effort. The only signifigant resource we have is the site and the authors using it. We're looking for people who are willing to work hard promoting each others work, and not just online; we want Bad Grammar to exist as much in the real world as it does on a collection of computer screens. Putting up fliers, shouting out a bullhorn, talking with people you know, talking with people you don't know- anything to get the word out.

If this sounds like something up your alley, use the information on our contact page to get ahold of us.

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